The Top 4 Signs That Dental Implants Are Right For You

Dental implants are becoming the standard of care to permanently restore one or more missing teeth. They are durable, look and feel natural, and can last you for the rest of your life with proper care. But are they right for you? The team at Oak Creek Dental Care wants you to have all the information you need to understand whether you could be a good candidate for implants. Read through these signs, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Saleki today!

1. You Are Missing One Or More Of Your Natural Teeth

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants can be a great permanent alternative to partial dentures and dental bridges. In fact, two or more dental implants can even be used to support a dental bridge and replace more than one missing tooth. Implant-supported dentures can also be used to replace the upper, lower, or both arches of your teeth.

2. You Want To Replace A Partial Denture

Partial dentures are an affordable and convenient way to replace a missing tooth, restore your smile and bite, and prevent your other teeth from shifting. But they can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. And, in the long run, partial dentures will cause the underlying gum and jaw tissue to deteriorate.

Replacing a partial denture with a dental implant is a great option to restore your smile permanently, and avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a traditional partial denture.

3. You Have Healthy Teeth And Gums

Your mouth must be free of all major oral health conditions before Dr. Saleki can approve you for a dental implant. If you’re currently suffering from gum disease, dental implants may not be the right option for you, but Dr. Saleki will always go over other restorative options.

In addition, your gum and jaw tissue must be in good condition. While procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts can be used to add more bone to your jaw, it’s much easier to place a dental implant if your gums and jawbone are already in good shape.

4. You’re Willing To Invest In Better Long-Term Results

Dental implants are more expensive than bridges or dentures. But, in the long run, they offer superior results, and are actually more affordable when you consider that these other options will need to be replaced. Dentures and bridges usually last 5-10 years. In contrast, a properly-placed dental implant can last you for the rest of your life. Over time, it’s a much better investment.

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