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Preventive Dentistry in Oak Creek

avoid dental health issues

The best line of defense against common oral health issues is proper dental hygiene and maintenance. Coming to Oak Creek Dental Care for regular checkups will keep your smile bright and strong. During routine visits, our hygienists will perform a comprehensive exam, take x-rays to check for any signs of decay and clean your teeth to make sure plaque and bacteria don’t harm your smile.

Dr. Saleki with patient

fluoride treatments

For patients with teeth particularly prone to cavities, fluoride treatments can protect your smile. Professional fluoride treatments involve a gel with a high concentration of fluoride, a natural mineral that strengthens the enamel of your teeth. During this quick, non-invasive procedure, a coat of fluoride is applied onto your teeth to start a process called “remineralization”. This process adds minerals back into the areas of your teeth where mineral content has been lost. Remineralization keeps your teeth from developing cavities, and in some cases can even reverse decay.

dental sealants

This preventive treatment protects your teeth from harmful bacteria and plaque that lead to cavities. A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth (usually the molars and premolars, since these teeth are the most susceptible to cavities and decay). This thin protective layer covers your teeth and keeps the nooks and crannies free from food particles and plaque. Any patient without decay or fillings is a good candidate for dental sealants, particularly children and teens who may eat more sugary foods but have not yet experienced decay.

periodontal care

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) affects nearly half of American adults. This widespread dental health issue is manageable, but if it’s left untreated and advances to later stages, it becomes untreatable. At Oak Creek Dental Care, we help patients prevent or maintain gum disease with deep cleanings that remove bacteria before it attacks the gums.


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